Wire Harness And Cable Assembly

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Wire Harness

Cable/Wire Harness Assembly

NRI is a supplier of choice for premier wire harness and cable manufacturing, offering custom cable/wire harness assembly solutions in various markets. Protective wire harness braiding up to three-inch diameter, ultra-sonic welding, Induction soldering, hot stamping/inkjet marking, automated wire crimping with crimp force monitoring, continuity and hi-voltage testing to assure meeting customer specifications.

Wire Harness

Wire Harness Assembly/Testing

  • Electrified dimensional build board with 100% continuity test
  • Mating harness test fixtures for lower production harnesses
  • Ability to hand build harnesses for prototypes and quick turn requests
  • Cirris easy-wire CR (detects and tests diodes, resistors, and capacitors)
  • Plotted Layout assembly guide (prototypes, pilot, low-volume)
Wire Harness

Wire Type/Circuit

  • Cross link automotive wire types and colors, including GXL, SXL, TXL
  • From 4/0 battery cable to 30 gauge wire
  • From 1 to over 500 circuits
  • Multi-conductor cable and coiled cable (retractile cords)

Wire Cutting/Marking Capabilities

  • 2 - Automated 8ga-24ga (ink mark, cut, strip, term and term w/weather seal)
  • 1 - Automated 12ga-22ga (ink mark, cut, strip, term)
  • Semi-Automated 4ga-22ga (stamp mark, cut, strip)
  • Semi- Automated 10ga-28ga (stamp mark, cut, strip)
  • Inkjet printing in black or white ink
  • Hot stamp printing
Wire Harness

Braid or Loom

  • High Performance, high temperature and chemical resistant nylon
  • Metal Braiding for EMF shielding
  • Braiding capabilities 1/8"-3" diameter
  • Machines - 36 carrier, (3) 32 carrier (3) 24 carrier, (2) 16 carrier
  • Convoluted split loom tubing (multiple colors and temp ratings)

Splicing Capabilities

  • High Performance Ultrasonic welding
  • Mechanical splicing
  • Induction soldering

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