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Brief History

NRI Electronics is a provider of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), specializing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assembly, and Electro Mechanical Manufacturing. NRI Electronics was founded in 1983 as Neotech Research. Adding to its capabilities, NRI Electronics acquired Waters Systems, which was founded in 1970.


Value Statement

NRI Electronics is founded on the core values of Integrity, Commitment, and Teamwork. These values empower our company members individually and as a team. Results?

  • An impressive record of continuous improvement.
  • Enviable scorecards for quality and delivery.
  • Valued relationships with our clients and suppliers.

NRI Electronics is a supplier of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), specializing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assembly, and Electro Mechanical Manufacturing. Nationally, we provide Electronics Manufacturing Services in five major markets: Aerospace, Agriculture, Defense, Industrial, and Medical. With two, automated and highly organized facilities spanning 50,000 square feet, we serve small, medium, and enterprise customers.

NRI Electronics is ready to serve you with sophisticated, planning and production management. Our highly skilled engineering department is uniquely suited to optimizing manufacturing processes for custom and niche needs, including Design for Manufacturing (DFM) support services. Account Management representatives provide personal, proactive, and responsive attention for our clients. For sophisticated management we use robust systems: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supplier Performance Management (SPM), Inventory Management System (IMS), Quality Management System, Continuous Improvement Program, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Modeling a Quality Culture, our highly experienced and collaborative staff excels in world class service, achieving impressive results for our customers in terms of cost, quality, and on-time delivery.


Why Choose Us

An Engineer's Playground

In a tour of our Rochester facility our guest was a purchasing representative of a large Original Equipment Manufacturer—a current customer who was considering expansion of our business relationship. We listened closely as she asked questions and described her needs and concerns. As we addressed some of her interests by demonstrating our Enterprise Resource Planning system, she keyed in on some specific impressions. Location of each product on the shop floor? It’s visible in our ERP. Labor time for each job? Employees punch in their times on the shop floor. So smart, NRI Electronics has something different from what she had seen elsewhere.

Engineer-speak? Our visitor mentioned that in her company, engineers drive purchasing needs. NRI Electronics’ Engineering Team is wired to speak your language, and about 10 percent of our overall staff is on this highly talented team. Engineering Changes? Our revision tracking, too, gives us an enviable step up and over our competition.

Continuous Improvement? Our log verifies devotion to client interests and a clear record of ambitious and meaningful results. Scorecard? Finally, we discussed the scorecard on which her company has been rating us: 100% on both quality and on-time delivery!

Our guest proclaimed that we have a great shop. In fact, she called it an engineer’s playground. Automated, organized, bright and clean, for low and high complexity, and for units of any size. She saw that NRI Electronics is different, smart, sophisticated.

Quality Culture

In our Anoka facility a former client returned for a tour and in-depth conversation. This visitor was highly experienced and knowledgeable, director of his department within an Original Equipment Manufacturer. The first thing that he expressed upon entering our shop was awe at the organization, cleanliness, and brightness. As we walked the plant floor, he was impressed by the production flow, automation, and paperless processing. After the shop tour, this guest thoughtfully quizzed us. While studying our quality and delivery scorecards, he mentioned that Quality Culture is his primary concern. Wired for quality, our scorecards further impressed him with ratings of 99% and above.

Personal Service

A customer experienced an accident in the field, damaging products that NRI Electronics had built. The customer’s field representative phoned us, requesting immediate, personal assistance. With precise and prompt attention we developed a plan, and we expedited the manufacturing and delivery for this spontaneous yet customized need. Together, we solved his problem.

Get Personal. Get Wired, Smarter.

We at NRI Electronics serve our clients with sophisticated planning and production management. Robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Design for Manufacturing (DFM) support services, cost controls, and flexibility for custom and niche needs. Our dual manufacturing facilities are automated and highly organized. Customers are pleased with our Quality Culture, rating us at 99% and above on quality and delivery. All with personal attention that is proactive and responsive, second to none.

NRI Electronics, Sophisticated while Personal, the provider for Electronics Manufacturing Services.

Get personal. Get Wired, Smarter, with NRI Electronics.


What our clients say

Industrial Market

...NRI Electronics is more than just another supplier: they are a valued, supply chain partner that always delivers!

- Industrial Market
Medical Market

...They can provide valuable input during initial design phases, react quickly and effectively to required changes, and deliver a high-quality product in a timely fashion.

- Medical Market
Engineering Design Services

...Whenever the need arises, I recommend NRI Electronics to my customers.

- Engineering Design Services

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